Lots of Fun Things to Do This Weekend! (27 to 29 April 2018 )


This weekend we got lots going on!  The school year is almost done, yay? and Camps are around the corner.  It is not too hot yet  ( also yay ) but getting there.  Get outside while you can!

On Saturday 4/28 get out to Fairchild Gardens for a day of learning about nature, for the science loving kid.  It costs the entry of Fairchild which is a little bit pricier but worth it if you are willing to spend the $.  See here.

Also, as every last Saturday of the month FAT Village is having its ART WALK. It starts at 6 and sometimes its hard to drag the little ones out after a long day but there is lots of music for them to dance to ( fun DJs let our kids play with the turn tables once ) and lots of food truck options for the picky kid.  See Here.

Also on Saturday in Margate is a Truck and Jeep Show @ C&H Auto.  I like taking my littles  to Truck/Car shows as they always enjoy looking in the hoods and staring at engines.  Future engineer/mechanic?  Bring em

If you want a day at the Theater check out the Sunday shows of The Wizard of OZ at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center.  The kids love the suspense of going to the theater and it supports a local charity.  Tickets are gone for the Saturday show but you can buy tickets for the 1 or 4PM showings on Sunday.  See here.

PS – Went to Morikami Gardens Last Week for their Spring Festival #hatsume18  It was a lot of fun!  I recommend gong on a “normal” day anyway to let the kids roam the garden trail, look at Bonsai trees, and see traditional Japanese buildings. BUT going on a busy festival day is lots of fun.  Lots of people dress up like Anime ( including Pokemon and Mario ), Martial Arts Demonstrations, Traditional Drumming, Food, they got it all.  Morikami is a local treasure.


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